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Port White

White Port is not only complex and nuanced, but when paired with sushi or alongside a tray of hard cheese, olives, and charcuterie, it’s delicious! Alternatively, enjoy it as an aperitif with a generous splash in a tumbler, followed by cold tonic with plenty of ice, fresh mint sprigs and a lemon slice. On stifling hot summer days in the Douro Valley, it’s pure heaven!

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White ports account for very small percentage of the total Port production. It’s a rare wine made of grapes which can survive and thrive in the continental climate of Douro Valley. Unlike any other wine regions of Portugal, Douro is protected from Atlantic influence by a range of mountains. It’s there, in Upper Douro, where surrounded by spectacular landscape matures Rabigato, responsible for acidity in sweet ports, Malvasia Fina responsible for sweetness and Donzelinho branco which gives subtle perfume in our blend.

Wine RegionDouro
GrapesMalvasia Fina (30%), Rabigato (30%), Donzelinho Branco (20%) and Codega (10%)
ViticultureRoyal single cordon, 3000 to 6000 plants per hectare. 15 to 35 years old vineyards
HarvestSecond week of October, hand harvest, 16% potential alcohol
Wine Making Technique3 days cold fermentation follow by 3 days fermentation at 18ºC. Fermentation stopped by adding brandy at 7% alc.
Oak InfluenceAged 3 years in old 20 000 litters wooden casks
Fining MaterialVeg. Protein
Tasting notesThe rich gold color gives a clue to the mellowed intensity of flavour, with delicious, stand-out notes of orange peel. Serve chilled, on its own, or as a refreshing cocktail, mixed with tonic, a slice of cucumber and a mint leaf.