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VR Tejo White

We all wear masks, sometimes for spirited celebrations, but often to help us embody someone or something else. A mask is a exhilarating way to weave an exciting and mysterious story; much in the same way as Moscatel has done here. Though her presence is small and elusive, concealed behind Fernao Pires, her vibrant honeysuckle and citrus notes take centerstage!

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The Charneca is a planice with one of the highest summer temperatures moderated by Tejo river flow and marked by poor, sandy soils. Rough conditions force the vines to struggle, which makes Fernao Pires deliver exuberant fruit. In addition, Moscatel grape give complexity and roundness to wine. Combined in blend they deliver rich and fruity, most vibrant wine.

Wine RegionTejo
GrapesMoscatel (20%), Fernão Pires (80%)
SoilCharneca – Clay, sand and Limestone
ViticultureDouble Royat, 4000 plants per hectare, 15 to 25 years old
HarvestHarvest second week of August, 12º potential alcohol
Wine Making Technique2 hours maceration at 10℃, pressing, decanting at low temperature during 24-48 hours, 15 days fermentation in stainless steel at 15℃
Oak InfluenceNone
Fining MaterialBentonite
Tasting notesIntensive mixture of tropical fruit scents. Peach sweetness and kiwi acidity combine with papaya and citrus aromas giving expressive and juicy glass of wine. An excellent wine that may be enjoyed on its own at any occasion or as an accompaniment to salads, fish or poultry.