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Port Ruby

As Ruby ports tend to show sweet plumy, cherry and blackberry flavors, they’re ideal to pair with dessert, or better yet, as a replacement for dessert! That said, should you have some creamy Ganache-filled truffles, chunks of premium dark chocolate, or even fruit-filled chocolates lying about, don’t hesitate to marry them Ruby port. It’s a wickedly delicious pairing!

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– From one of the driest region of Europe, Douro Valley, comes one of the most unique wines in the world. Grapes harvest by hand on steep terraces, are transported to the state of art winery in Alijo, to be trodden and macerate in open “lagar” only for 4 days. Unique process to deliver unique wine. Aging in big cask helps to preserve vivid fruit and Ruby color.

Wine RegionDouro
GrapesTouriga Nacional (30%), Touriga Franca (30%), Tinta Barroca (30%), Tinta Cão (15%) and Sousão (5%)
ViticultureRoyal single cordon, 3000 to 6000 plants per hectare. 15 to 35 years old vineyards
HarvestSecond week of October, hand harvest, 16% potential alcohol
Wine Making Technique3-4 days maceration in lagar. Fermentation stopped at 7% alc. with brandy
Oak InfluenceAged 3 years in old 5000 litters wooden casks
Fining MaterialVeg. Protein
Tasting notesVery delicate and elegant fortified wine full of notes of blackberries, cherries and juicy ripe cherries and dark chocolate, coffee, cloves and black pepper. Matured and aged in a barrel gives the port beautiful. Perfect with any chocolate dessert and mature cheese type stilton and gorgonzola.