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Circus Number

VR Alentejano White

In 1873 Lulu was the first “woman” in America to go airborne before grabbing onto a trapeze or rope. The strength, focus and bravery this entails is mindblowing! And in a very small way, so too is blending a handful of native grapes to find both balance and beauty. Juicy stone fruit flavors with bright acidity to pair with any number of poultry or summer pasta dishes.

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In the endless space, in the immensity of the undulating plains is Redondo – one of the regions protected by the natural barrier of Serra da Ossa, which benefits from the complicity of nature to guarantee singular wines such as Circus Number. On the poor and dry land, we cultivate vineyards which suffer hardness of the climate. And all of those factors contribute to creation unique freshness and complexity in wines.

Wine RegionAlentejo
GrapesFernão Pires (30%,) Arinto (30%), Roupeiro (30%) and others (10%)
ClimateMediterranean with Continental influence
ViticultureRoyat single cordon, 3000 to 5000 plants per hectare, 15 to 30 years old
HarvestHand harvest last week of August, 12º potential alcohol
Wine Making TechniqueControlled temperature fermentation at 16ºC during 5-6 days
Oak InfluenceNone
Fining MaterialMilk protein
Tasting notesA versatile and very rich wine with well-defined green notes of asparagus, fresh cut grass and gooseberry followed by pears and peach flavors on the palate with fresh and lively finish. Very good as an appetizer at a party and the table with fish dishes or white meats.