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VR Terras do Dão Red

Joseph Greenstein, aka The Mighty Atom, could break chains with his chest, bend horseshoes with his teeth, and sculpt steel rods into hearts. His power was extraordinary, but his generous heart drew the masses. Finding balance is never easy, but like Joseph, we'd like to believe the succulent red fruits and vibrant acidity of this wine can tame even the boldest of dishes.

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Terras do Dão is a plateau region of medium altitude, cut by the river and completely surrounded by mountain ranges (Estrela, Montemuro, S. Macário, Gralheira, Caramulo e Buçaco). Climatic diversity which includes very low temperature in the winter and high during summer adds complexity to the wine. Wines from the region are distinctive, very fruity and elegant.

Wine RegionDão
GrapesJaen (30%), Alfocheiro (30%), Tinta Roriz (30%) and others (10%)
ClimateContinental with maritime influence
SoilGranite and calcareous-clay
ViticultureDouble cordon Royat and Guyot, 3500 to 4000 plants per hectare, 15 to 30 years old
HarvestHand harvest 3rd week of September, 13º potential alcohol
Wine Making TechniqueControlled temperature fermentation at 28ºC during 5-6 days
Oak InfluenceNone
Fining MaterialBentonite
Tasting notesDelicate, with subtle fragrance of some of the best red grapes varieties of Portugal. Fresh and appealing, juicy with notes of cherries and forest fruits with vibrant and prolonged finish. Goes very well with kid, lamb or hunting meat. Best of served slightly chilled.